YouTube Checks: review your copyright

What you'll learn in this post:
  • How copyright conflicts can arise on YouTube
  • How you can now check if your video has such a conflict before you publish it
  • How to monetize your music on YouTube

If you want to monetize your videos or your music in general on YouTube, it can lead to copyright disputes. The new YouTube Checks tool was created to avoid this problem in the future by allowing users to check prior to the upload already whether a copyright dispute might arise.

Disputes usually come about due to following reasons:

  • The song is already being monetized by another distributor/label. This might be the case if you switch to a different distributor and your previous one hasn’t terminated the monetization.
  • You purchased or leased a beat on the internet and don’t own the exclusive rights to them. In this case, your song cannot be monetized via your Content ID.
  • You used a sample which was recognized by YouTube.

Check your video before publishing

If you put up a video through YouTube Studio, you can use YouTube Checks to review whether there are any copyright infringements on hand and whether the video might even get removed. Additionally, the status of the Content ID will also be visible, which shows if the video is or is not eligible for monetization or if it is only partially so. It shows in detail which part of the video is affected, what exactly is being claimed, and what consequences the upload might bring.

However, YouTube also points out that their check is not a 100% guarantee that disputes might not still arise at a later time.

We recommend using this tool especially if you purchased a beat online and aren’t entirely sure what rights you have to it.

Monetize your music on YouTube

If you own all the rights to the music, you can monetize it on YouTube. iGroove offers YouTube monetization so that you can also make money when someone else uploads your music on YouTube. Remember, though: If you set up the monetization before you use YouTube Checks, you will see a copyright claim, because iGroove has already monetized your music in your name. More info can be found here.