Marketing Services

No matter what deal you have with us, you can get your releases promoted on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and directly on streaming platforms with our marketing experts.

Grow your music business more efficiently than ever!

Create your custom campaigns from the following (paid) marketing services:

Playlist PitchingPlaylist Pitching

Do you want to introduce your music to the curators at Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music and YouTube Music? iGroove makes this super easy. Just contact us as soon as your account has been unlocked or you have a contract.

Instagram PromotionInstagram Promotion

Instagram will organically play your release promo to just a small portion of your followers. That’s why you can really grow your reach with Instagram ads and efficiently target not only your fans but new target groups. iGroove makes it super easy to run this type of campaign.

  • Increase the reach and awareness for your release
  • The fitting package for every type of budget
  • Simple and easy campaign execution with iGroove

TikTok PromotionTikTok Promotion

TikTok has managed to attract a very large and young group of followers. The organic reach on this platform is significantly broader than on Instagram. If you really want to go viral with your next hit, you can promote your release with ads on TikTok and achieve maximum efficiency when it comes to reaching your target group.

  • Spark / Boost Ads - leveraging your organic content, that looks authentic
  • In Feed Adverts - which do not require an active TikTok account to run
  • Grow streams and reach new fans on the music industry's most relevant social platform
  • The fitting package for every type of budget

YouTube PromotionYouTube Promotion

You can publish your new releases as ads on YouTube to benefit from a maximum boost. We’ll make sure that your release is perfectly situated to be displayed to new potential and existing fans, which will dramatically grow your streams.

Streaming PromotionStreaming Promotion

You can also use iGroove to promote your release on Spotify. This is done for a few selected releases through privately curated playlists. You’re able to see exactly which playlists you’ve been successfully added to and how many streams have resulted from these playlists - this will allow you to gain new listeners every month, streaming bots pose no threats, and this boost will also help you gain the attention of the Spotify algorithm.

  • Benefit from our network of high quality, privately curated Spotify playlists
  • Placements in private playlists that give you exposure to new fans
  • Trigger the algorithm with private playlist placements

Spotify PromotionSpotify Promotion

Run campaigns directly on Spotify, which target free users. Spotify Ad Studio allows you to target a specifically segmented audience which has a strong appeal for your music style, with Audio and Video Ads.

Radio PromotionRadio Promotion

The Music Promotion Network is the search platform for music editors in the radio, print, TV and Internet world.

The platform is used by almost all radio and TV stations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and is the most efficient way to sample music. For a few years now, labels have been sampling their music exclusively through MPN instead of CDs or via e-mail.

Radio and TV stations can access MPN to download high-quality music for their playlists, in addition to obtaining further details on the artist and the release.

Your release will be available on the MPN platform for three months from the date you specify. When you use iGroove, you can simply make your releases available and run a detailed analysis of where your songs are accessed and played.

"iGroove provides artists with the service and tools that get you onto playlists and to generate reach. It means you can focus completely on your music."
Kool Savas 2m monthly listeners on Spotify
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