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YouTube Monetization

Since 2014 iGroove is an official partner of YouTube and has access to the YouTube Content ID System. This gives iGroove customers the opportunity to earn money through YouTube monetization.

When you book this service, all YouTube content is searched daily for your music. In the case of matches, these videos are automatically provided with advertising (monetization) or disabled (blocking).

Why you shouldn’t monetize your music on YouTube on your own

With your standard YouTube account, you can monetize your videos independently, but this only applies to those videos that you have uploaded yourself. As a Certified YouTube Partner, we are also able to monetize videos uploaded by other YouTube users that contain your music. Alternatively, it is also possible to prevent the illegal upload of your music by other users completely. This also includes tracks from which you have not published any video on YouTube at all.

Important to know:

  • The monetization or blocking always refers to a complete release. For example, if you booked the monetization for an album with 10 songs, all 10 tracks will be sent to YouTube. If one of these songs is uploaded to YouTube – whether by a foreign YouTube user or yourself – it will be monetized. So it doesn’t just refer to the songs you publish as videos on YouTube.
  • YouTube doesn’t distinguish whether you or someone else uploads your song. This means that the videos you upload will also be monetized if you have booked the monetization.
  • If you have booked the blocking, you are not authorized to upload the content yourself. To prevent this, please let us know your YouTube channel immediately after booking so that we can white list it and you can upload your content.
  • It is not possible to book both monetization and blocking for the same release.
  • If a video has too few views, no advertising is placed before the video. iGroove has no influence on this.
  • As always, you get 92% of the advertising revenue paid out through YouTube.
  • The revenue from the monetization can be found on your iGroove credit.

Your advantages

  • Earn even when others upload your music
  • Monetise your entire release plus your video clips
  • Receive 92% of the advertising revenue generated
  • Prevent others from uploading your music to YouTube


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Monetize all videos


Block illegally uploaded videos