Which streaming service has the most listeners and songs?

What you'll learn in this post:
  • Which streaming service has the most paying listeners and which has the most active listeners
  • Which streaming service offers the most tracks

Which streaming service can reach the most listeners and which one has the biggest track selection? We have the numbers and answers.

We’ve probably all read countless articles about which streaming service is supposedly the most important and which is growing the fastest. But which one actually has the edge over the rest when it comes to sheer numbers? We wanted to know the specifics and will show you the analysis here.

The most listeners

When it comes to paying users, Spotify clearly has the edge with exactly double the amount of listeners that the runner-up, Apple Music, reports. Below that, you will find Amazon Music, QQ Music, YouTube, and Deezer.

When it comes to the total active users, including those with a free subscription, Spotify is only beaten by QQ Music, a Chinese provider that is part of Tencent.

Streaming providerPaying listenersTotal active listeners
Spotify144 million320 million
Apple Music72 million72 million
Amazon Music55 million55 million
QQ Music42,7 million657 million
YouTube Music30 million30 million
Deezer7 million16 million
Pandora6,4 million58,6 million
Tidal3 million3 million
Gaana2 million150 million

The most songs

Now we know which streaming service has the most listeners, but where can you find the biggest selection of music? If we count Soundcloud as a streaming service, it is clearly the one offering the highest number of tracks, which, of course, is also due to the fact that musicians can upload their tracks themselves there. With a significant gap, Apple Music and Tidal then follow behind with 70 million tracks, as well as Spotify and Amazon Music with 60 million songs each.

Update: Deezer has informed us that they have recently expanded the number of songs from 56 million to 73 million. Of these, 70 million are also available in FLAC audio format (CD quality).

Streaming providerNumber of tracks
Soundcloud190 million
Deezer73 million
Apple Music70 million
Tidal70 million
Spotify60 million
Amazon Music60 million
Qobuz60 million
YouTube Music50 million
Gaana45 million
KKBOX40 million

With iGroove you can submit your songs to all of the streaming services listed above, with the exception of the Indian provider Gaana, KKBOX from Taiwan, and Soundcloud.

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