How do I pitch my song on Spotify?

What you'll learn in this post:
  • What the deadlines are for pitching to Spotify
  • How to increase the chance of a successful pitch
  • What to consider when filling out the pitching form

Spotify makes it easy for artists and labels to present their songs to curators with their pitching tool on Spotify for Artists. According to Spotify, about 20% of the pitched songs will be included in a playlist. So there are a few things to keep in mind to stand out from the crowd and increase your chances. We will show you how to proceed and which mistakes should be avoided.

Deadline for pitching on Spotify

Spotify requires that a song must be pitched at least one week before release. Depending on how fast your distributor works, you have to upload the song at least two weeks or better even earlier.

Pitching the song on time also has the advantage that the release radar of your fans doesn’t show just any song of your release, but the one you pitched.

Maintain your Spotify profile

Maintaining and updating your Spotify profile is generally important, also for the pitching process. When you pitch, the curators see your bio and the social media links you’ve entered, which helps them avoid research. If this information isn’t filled in, it’ll not leave a good first impression. Take the time to fill out all the information and keep it up to date.

Choose the right song

Pitch your best song, which is also suitable for playlists. A seven-minute track with a two-minute intro is appropriate for the fewest playlists.

Songs that have already been released, e.g. as an advance single, cannot be pitched again. In general it’s worthwhile to release several singles, because you can suggest more songs . There must always be at least a week between them, because you can never submit two pitches at the same time.


The form asks you for information about genre, moods, song styles or instruments. This looks a bit like Spotify is mainly collecting data. But Spotify explains:

“The information about genre or mood are extremely helpful for us to introduce the song to the curators”.

So think carefully about which tags fit your song best and don’t try to turn a jazz song into a pop anthem with wrong information. The only thing you will achieve is that the track will end up with the wrong team.

Song description

At the end you have the possibility to describe your song. You are limited to 500 characters and should therefore think carefully about what information you share. Spotify wants to know more about the creation of the song, the inspiration, with whom it was created ( name-dropping!) or generally the story behind it. Put the song in the best light, but avoid too many superlatives.

Also save some space for planned promotions, information about media reports, concerts or the reference to the video of the track.

Spotify has announced several optimizations of the pitching tool. With us you will stay up to date about relevant changes.

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