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Streaming portals are becoming more and more important in the consumer behaviour of music lovers, which is also reflected in the exponentially growing number of users. This makes it all the more important for musicians to intensively deal with Spotify, Apple Music and co. in order to be able to position their music optimally.

In addition to a verified account and a properly maintained artist profile, it is essential to appear in the big playlists. The largest playlists are created by the platforms themselves and maintained by a so-called curator. The curator is responsible for finding new music that suits the follower’s taste and keeping the playlist up to date.

As a partner of the streaming platforms, iGroove has direct contacts to these curators and the opportunity to introduce them to new music. However, it is important to note that the curators themselves decide which music is suitable for their playlists – we have no influence on this!

Would you like to present your music to the curators of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Google Play / YouTube Music? That’s how it works:

  • Your song must be uploaded to iGroove at least two weeks before the planned release (e.g. if you want to release on 31.08. at the latest on 17.08.). Only unreleased songs can be pitched and thanks to this pre-run we can guarantee that the songs will be recorded safely in time in the streaming service systems.
  • This lead time is also important because, for example, Spotify must be pitched one week before release at the latest.
  • The streaming providers insist that only unreleased songs are pitched. Older songs can be pitched in rare exceptions, if they currently have a big impact.
  • Our internal A&R’s listen to the song and evaluate how high the chances are that a curator will include the song in his playlist. We want to avoid you unnecessarily pay for something. If we do not consider the song suitable, you will get your money back. If the song is pitched, no refund is possible even if the song is not included in a playlist.
  • We recommend that the song that is being pitched is released on a Friday, because then the playlist updates will be done.
  • Please do not pitch the song yourself over Spotify for Artists, otherwise it is blocked for us.
  • The song must have been delivered to the portals via iGroove. Songs delivered by another distributor cannot be suggested for the playlists.
  • The form must be filled out in detail and a description of the song and the artist / band are required. Also a short promotion plan plus 2-3 press photos ( through WeTransfer or similar).
  • In the week following the release of the song, you will receive a detailed evaluation of the playlists in which your track was added.

Your advantages

  • We present your songs to the curators of Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and Google Play / YouTube Music
  • Increase the chances of being included in the big playlists of the streaming services
  • Get a detailed report of which playlists your song has been included in
  • Important: There is no guarantee for inclusion in a playlist!


Prices excl. VAT

Playlist Pitching (1 Song)

EUR 119