Verify your Spotify account!

What you'll learn in this post:
  • What are the advantages of being a verified artist
  • What tools are provided

Becoming a verified artist at Spotify has never been easier! Until now you had to have 250 followers but now the offer is open to all artists and labels.

Verification of your Spotify account is easy

It’s easy to get yourself verified.

Go to the following link and answer the questions that will ensure that you are authorized to access. A few days later you are a verified artist. You can tell by the small blue check mark on your profile.

Why do I have to be a verified artist?

There are several reasons for this. Probably the most important ones are the playlists. Basically you can also be included in playlists as a non-verified artist, but the chance is much smaller. If you are verified, you will be taken more seriously, rather taken up by algorithms or even selected by the spotify curators.

Use Verified Artist Features

As a verified artist you can also make use of various features.

Insert profile picture and bio

For example, you have the possibility to insert an artist profile picture or your biography. You can also add your tour dates and even your merchandise.

Share playlists

You can also share playlists directly with your fans. You have the possibility to place songs, albums or playlists on top of your profile (Artist’s Pick).

Evaluate song analyses

Particularly valuable are the detailed analyses of your Top 1000 songs, with which you can find out exactly who is listening to your music.

More information can be found here.

Start your artist profile at Spotify

Even if you don’t need 250 followers anymore, it’s still worth motivating people to follow you on Spotify. Therefore, integrate your Spotify profile wherever you can, whether on your website, in the description of your videos or on social media.