How do I measure my success on TikTok?

What you'll learn in this post:
  • What categories the TikTok analytics offer
  • Which info you can extract from them
  • Which key figures to pay special attention to

It’s commonly known that you can quickly grow a reach on TikTok. But that doesn’t mean that everyone manages to do that right away, and even those who see solid growth can always optimize it still. In order not to build a strategy based on speculations only, it’s well worth regularly making use of the analytics the platform makes available. It is recommended to find a niche on TikTok, and using analytics, you can see if you’ve managed to do it. We’ll introduce the four categories to you in detail:


This shows for a selected date range how many views you’ve had on your videos and your profile, how many likes you’ve received, and how many comments and shares there were. Additionally, it shows the number of followers and how many posts you’ve made in the corresponding timeframe.

The profile views are particularly interesting, since they are a sign that the videos were met with interest and that the users visited the profile as a result.


Here, you can see how the videos have performed within the time period you’ve selected. Likes, views, comments, and shares are visible for each post. Additionally, you can see which videos were watched the most during the past 7 days. One important reference point is the “average watch time,” which shows if you were able to keep people’s attention or if users quickly switched to the next video. You should also keep an eye on the “watched full video” tab where you can identify how often a video is watched until the end, which would send positive signals to the algorithms.

The Content tab also lets you know how people came across the videos: the For You feed, your profile, sounds, the search tab, or via hashtags. Through this, you can find out, for instance, if the hashtag strategy works. Additionally, you can see where the people that watch your videos come from. That way, you can determine if the audience really comes from the markets that you had your sights on, or, to put in different terms, which markets you should add to your radar.


Here, you see how the number of followers develops and get more information about them, specifically their gender and where they come from (although only a max. of 5 countries are listed). What’s interesting are the following three points:

Follower activity: Shows when followers are the most active. This is an important reference point to determine what time you should post.

Videos your followers watched: This shows the videos that are popular with the followers. They can be a source of inspiration when you find yourself without content ideas or potentially help you find people with whom you can collaborate.

Sounds your followers listened to: Here, you can see which tracks are well-loved by your followers. This allows musicians to quickly discern if they are reaching the right people.


Here, you get the insights into the live videos of the past 7 or 28 days – how many views there were, how many followers they resulted in, how long the watch time was, and the highest number of simultaneous viewers. Additionally, you can see how many diamonds (virtual tips) you were able to collect.

On TikTok, what matters is not (just) quality, but also quantity. While in the past it was recommended to post 3-5 times a week, now it’s reached 3-5 times per day. So, there is ample material to analyze…