Efficient advertising with re-marketing

What you'll learn in this post:
  • Why re-marketing is ideal for a long-term strategy
  • How re-marketing works exactly and what the advantages are
  • How you can use re-marketing on Facebook / Instagram, GoogleAdwords and YouTube

To use your advertising budget in a targeted and cost-effective way, it pays to work with re-marketing lists and build a long-term strategy.

A good advertising strategy contributes significantly to advancing your career and generating more attention. However, it is an unwritten law that in the short term you always put in more than you get out. In order for the invested costs to pay off, the newly reached fans have to buy and stream several products of yours, attend concerts, buy merch, share videos or recommend your music to others. For a long-term strategy, re-marketing is the way to go.

Re-marketing involves identifying people who are interested in your music. For example, they have watched a video of yours, visited your website or viewed an advertisement on Insta. These people are stored in a so-called re-marketing list and can then be targeted for advertising. 

A good example is Zalando: once you’ve watched one of their products, it seems to follow you everywhere afterwards.

This is also possible for musicians and it seems like there is a huge campaign behind it. However, the trick is that the ads are only shown to people who have already shown interest in you. This means that there is practically no wastage, which makes the advertising very cheap and efficient. 

Without re-marketing, you reach more different people, but this does not guarantee greater success.

Re-marketing lists can be created and used on the following platforms, for example:

  • Facebook / Instagram
  • GoogleAdwords
  • YouTube

For Google and Facebook / Instagram, you need to generate a so-called re-marketing tag and integrate it on all the artist’s web pages. For YouTube you have to connect your channel with your Adwords account.

Facebook and Instagram  

Depending on the campaign, it is worth targeting people on Facebook and Instagram who have already shown an interest in your music. These can be identified by means of the Facebook Pixel. The people identified in this way can be narrowed down even more precisely on the basis of their actions on your website or app, allowing you to tailor the target group optimally and minimize wastage.


On YouTube, you can advertise your music video for a fee. Your clip is displayed before the video starts, which the user actually wanted to watch. The user has the option to skip the video advertisement after three seconds. In this case, YouTube does not charge for the ad, you only pay for broadcasts that have attracted interest. Every video that has been watched for more than 30 seconds counts as a view.

With iGroove’s YouTube advertising, re-marketing is included. Even after the YouTube campaign, the re-marketing list remains, so you can also promote other products (e.g. concert tickets, merchandise, etc.) at a later date.

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