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YouTube advertising

With the service “YouTube Advertising” iGroove offers you the possibility to broadcast your music videos in the form of pre-roll ads on YouTube and thus reach numerous new fans and generate thousands of real views.

Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Google and our experience from hundreds of successful YouTube campaigns, we can guarantee you a fixed number of real views per campaign. Choose which video you want to promote in which countries and our YouTube team will do the rest for you. We make sure that your ad is broadcast to the right audience for your music.

The campaign usually starts within 24 hours, unless you specify a different start date when ordering. Once the campaign is running, you can track how the ads are running and how the views are rising on your iGroove account.

International labels such as Sony Music, PIAS and many more have already relied on our expertise in YouTube promotion. Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your music, win new fans and get real views.

Please note:

  • Some content is blocked by YouTube and cannot be advertised. This includes violence, nudity, addictive substances (alcohol, cigarettes, drugs) as well as sexist or racist content. More information here.
  • In pre-roll advertising, the video is played right from the start. So make sure that the video does not have an excessive intro.
  • Since the video is broadcast as pre-roll advertising (shown before other videos), this promotion serves primarily to generate views. During the broadcast of the advertisement the viewers can neither give Likes nor write comments. If the focus of the campaign is on additional streams and sales, we recommend selecting the link site as the target link. If it is primarily about likes and comments, you can choose your YouTube profile as the target link.
  • The generated views are always credited to the specified video. It is not possible to credit the views to another video.

Special Package

From the purchase of 15,000 views, we offer an attractive special package that includes re-marketing and banner creation, completely free of charge.

What is Re-Marketing?

Re-Marketing is one of the most efficient forms of advertising with minimal wastage. With Re-Marketing you can identify people who have watched your video. These people will be noted on the re-marketing list and will receive your ads on thousands of websites while surfing the net. Even after the YouTube campaign, the re-marketing list remains in place so that you can advertise further products (e.g. concert tickets, merchandise, etc.) at a later date.

Google needs numerous banners in different formats to display your advertising on all websites optimally. Our special package also includes these free of charge. You can find some examples of these banners below.

Your advantages

  • Boost the views on your video with pre-roll ads
  • Benefit from years of experience
  • Reach exactly your audience and win new fans
  • Get re-marketing and banner creation for free


Prices excl. VAT


EUR 89


EUR 179

15.000 Views (incl. Re-Marketing & Bannererstellung)

EUR 439

33.000 Views (incl. Re-Marketing & Bannererstellung)

EUR 869

75.000 Views (incl. Re-Marketing & Bannererstellung)

EUR 1.739

112.500 Views (incl. Re-Marketing & Bannererstellung)

EUR 2.399

150.000 Views (incl. Re-Marketing & Bannererstellung)

EUR 2.999

Bilder & Videos

iGroove Services Musikpromotion 20 Minuten Ad
iGroove Services Musikpromotion Rolling Stone Ad
iGroove Services Musikpromotion Bannertypen
iGroove Services Musikpromotion 20 Minuten Ad
iGroove Services Musikpromotion Rolling Stone Ad
iGroove Services Musikpromotion Bannertypen