TikTok launches Stories & Spark Ads

What you'll learn in this post:
  • Stories have finally arrived on TikTok
  • How Spark Ads work
  • Why they are a dream come true for musicians

TikTok’s scope is constantly being expanded. Currently, the platform is rolling out two new features: Stories that disappear after 24 hours like on Instagram, their pioneer, and the so-called Spark Ads. These are a way to sponsor original TikToks to boost their reach. Both features can especially help music creators successfully use TikTok as a promo tool.

Stories finally available on TikTok

Stories are a well-known feature by now. From Snapchat to Insta and even Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter – they all offer Stories. It will work just the same on TikTok: Creators have the option to share daily highlights that are available for exactly 24 hours and will then be automatically deleted. In contrast to their competition, TikTok additionally provides a comment section under their Stories. However, how long this new feature will be in testing and when it will ultimately be made available everywhere has not yet been revealed.

Why Stories?

For TikTok, this step definitely makes sense. This way, the platform inches closer to the level of interactivity of a classic social media site, thus expanding on the rather passive, algorithm driven consumer behavior by adding an actively usable function that specifically brings creators and closer together with their audience. When it comes to sharing up-to-date information on the day, Stories are practically indispensable for artists.

What are Spark Ads?

“Make TikToks not ads” has been the platform’s advice to advertisers from the start. To support this principle, TikTok is now launching their so-called Spark Ads. These represent a way to sponsor organic TikToks instead of just showing traditional commercials as ad clips, which was the practice in the past. This new feature allow content that is already performing well to be given helpful boost.

Spark Ads – a dream come true for musicians

For brands seeking to advertise, Spark Ads offer many exciting opportunities, but for musicians, too, this new feature can prove particularly profitable. Filtering out your most effective TikToks and giving them another push can get you strong results – especially since Sparks, just like other ads, can also be targeted for conversions, for instance. Developing the optimal strategy will take a few tries, but TikTok readily offers tips and support.

Don’t foget external content

Sparks can not only be used to promote your own TikToks. You can also sponsor other people’s content. If a creator used your song in a successful TikTok, you can invest ad funds in that, as well. All you need is the ad ID of the TikTok in question, which in most cases won’t be a problem after getting in contact with the creator. This feature is incredibly practical – after all, you are not the only person on Tiktok who is potentially promoting your song.

How does it work exactly?

In order to use Sparks, you will need a TikTok Business account. In the Ad Center, you will then have the option to access posts by creators who have allowed this. For that, they need to activate the ad authorization toggle under their privacy settings. Then, using the ad ID, your Tiktoks can be played as in-feed ads or top-view ads from the TikTok Business Center. Right now, the feature is still in beta, but don’t let that hold you back! The ad rates are still extremely cheap at the moment with CPMs of well below $2.