Insta: Music in Feed posts and catalogs on artists’ profiles

What you'll learn in this post:
  • Soon music can also be integrated into feed posts
  • Meta is also testing the inclusion of catalogs on artist profiles
  • How this can increase the reach of musicians

The company now referred to as Meta, aka Facebook, has made quite a few headlines recently, and not exactly positive ones either. Nevertheless, or perhaps precisely for that reason, they are constantly working on new features. Two of them are particularly interesting for musicians. On Instagram, you will soon be able to integrate music in Feed posts and show your catalog on your artist profile.

Music in the Feed

It’s hard to imagine Stories and Reels without integrated songs and that is certainly an important tool for artists to widen their reach. Now, Instagram wants to extend this to the photo posts in the Feed, as well. At the moment, the feature is only available for a test group in Brasil, India, and Turkey, but Meta reports that they hope to roll it out on a wider basis in the coming months, upon completion of the test.

Catalogs on artist profiles

In addition, Instagram will be showing select artists’ catalogs in a sub-category on their respective profiles. This is to make it easier for fans to find the artist’s songs and then, of course, use these for their own Reels and Stories. The feature will also make it easier for musicians to build a community around their music. It is currently being tested on a small group of artists in the USA along with a number of select users.

If the entire available catalog is visible on the artist profile, the songs will be quick to find for users and invite them to give older tracks another listen or use them in a post. The fact that this is now possible for the more permanent feed posts definitely helps in building an artist’s reach. The only thing left to do now is hope that these two features will soon be made available for artists everywhere.