Influence the algorithm of TikTok

What you'll learn in this post:
  • What factors determine whether a video goes viral or not
  • Why influencers are no guarantee of success
  • What you should pay attention to in order to increase the reach of your videos

For a video to go viral on TikTok, you need to understand how the algorithm works. We’ll show you how to feed it properly. 

TikTok is a fast-moving and unpredictable platform, and it’s hard to predict what will generate a lot of reach and what will get lost in the flood of new videos. What certainly helps, however, is some understanding of how TikTok’s algorithm works so you can tailor your strategy accordingly.

How does TikTok’s algorithm work?

Put simply, TikTok’s algorithm works something like this: When you post a new video, the first step is to show it to only a portion of your followers. If it is well received, it is suggested to other users. If performance remains good, TikTok starts showing the video to people on their “For You” page. If the reactions remain strong, it will be shown to more users continuously until it eventually goes viral.

But how exactly does TikTok measure whether a video is well received by the people they show it to?

First, they check how often the video is watched to the end. This is sometimes one reason why many tutorials do so well, or videos where something is announced at the beginning and only resolved at the end. Generally it is said that you have to catch the viewer in the first 3 seconds. So you should always think carefully about the start of the video.

In addition, TikTok places strong emphasis on the reactions that a video evokes. Specifically, this means the likes, comments, shares, downloads, or even how many profile visits a video has led to.

Your videos should tell a story and arouse curiosity in users so that they watch your video until the end. Regular posting is also rewarded – preferably daily.

Influencers are no guarantee of success

How unpredictable TikTok is is also something to keep in mind when working with influencers. Even with a channel that has many followers, a video may perform less well. Therefore, you should never invest your entire budget only with one influencer because there is a risk that the video will still flop. It is better to spread your budget over several micro-influencers.

Choose the right snippet of your song

Reminder: Always provide the catchiest part of the song on TikTok. Hardly anyone will use your song for a video if you just upload the first 15 seconds of the song. So you have to think carefully about which part of the track is most likely to be used by other users. With some distributors, you can define which excerpt will be made available on TikTok. With iGroove, you can easily define the beginning of the snippet when you capture it.