What’s the best time of the year to release my album?

What you'll learn in this post:
  • Which months are best for your release
  • Detailed pros and cons for each month

The right timing can be crucial. So think carefully about when you want to release your album so that it gets the attention it deserves.

The new year is just around the corner and maybe you’re already planning your releases for 2021. Especially as an independent artist, you’re competing with countless other artists for the attention of listeners and media. The right timing can therefore give you an advantage. We’ll show you which months are best and which you should avoid.

January / February

Two good months for independent artists. The holiday rush is over and there are fewer releases from major artists. Advantageous from mid-January, when definitely everyone has overcome the New Year’s hangover. The first two weeks are recommended only if you want to bet on the fact that there is not much else going on.

March – June

In normal times, the festival season is coming up and the first open airs are taking place. Accordingly, many releases appear at this time. Despite emerging competition, this is a good time in which to get the attention you deserve.

July / August

These months and partly already June were once considered the summer slump. Many people are on vacation, so they used to be absent from record stores. In the streaming age, this is not as important anymore. Nevertheless, with vacations and festivals, the focus is often not necessarily on new releases. An advantage, on the other hand, is that the competition is smaller, since many artists still avoid these months.

September / October

Generally a good time. Most of the decision makers in the music industry and media world are back from summer vacation and ready for new music. But the competition is getting bigger and there are more major releases than during the summer months.

November / December

Many major releases come out in the 4th quarter not to mention all the Christmas songs. The competition is huge and it’s therefore rather not advisable to release at the end of the year. This is also reflected in the airplay, because the playlists of the radios are packed and also the focus is more on annual reviews than new releases. If this is still the right season for your release, by all means release before December 15th, unless of course you’ve recorded a Christmas album.

  • This applies to albums and EPs. Singles should be released regularly throughout the year.
  • Be aware of holidays and other events throughout the year that can distract listeners and media in your main market.
  • Try to avoid releasing on the same day as artists who make similar music
  • If your focus is on concerts (hopefully again in 2021), then align the album release with your tour schedule
  • The mood has to fit the season. An album full of sad songs doesn’t fit July and the party album doesn’t fit the foggy November.