FAQ Uploading and adjusting releases

2.6 What is the difference between Release Date, TikTok Release Date, Facebook/Instagram Release Date, Pre-Sale Date and Original Release Date?

Release Date: From this date on, your release will be available for streaming and can be purchased from download shops.

TikTok Release Date: Here you can define when a snippet of your song will be available in TikTok’s library. This gives you the opportunity to promote the song by making a snippet available before the official release.

Facebook/Instagram Release Date: Set the date when the song should be available on Instagram and Facebook. Note: Unlike TikTok, the entire song is available here, not just a snippet!

Pre-Sale Date: This is the date when your release is available for purchase in download shops before the official release date. It helps you collect important sales for the first chart week.

Original Release Date: If you are adding a release that was released in the past, you can enter the original release date here. With the Release Date, you define when the release should be available, and with the Original Release Date, you ensure that the release is stored with the correct date on Spotify and other shops and that the order of your releases is correct.