FAQ Uploading and adjusting releases

2.16 Can cover songs be released through iGroove?

Yes, it is possible to release cover versions through iGroove. However, there are some important points to consider:

• When entering the song, indicate the composers and lyricists of the original.
• Declare the song as a cover. To do this, go to the tracklist, select “Edit song,” and then “Show additional fields.” Now select “Cover” under “Type of recording.” Please never list “Cover” in the song title.
• Register the song with the relevant collecting society.
• The original song must be registered with a collecting society. If it is not, permission must be obtained from the rights holders.

The following must also be observed:

1. Is at least one of the songwriters from the USA or represented by a US collecting society?
a. NO -> Worldwide distribution for streaming and download possible
b. YES -> See point 2.

2. Will the song only be offered for streaming?
a. YES -> Worldwide (including the USA) distribution for streaming possible
b. NO -> See point 3

3. If the song is to be offered for permanent download or physically in the USA, a license must be obtained.

Please note that these regulations apply only to covers. For remixes or samples, permission from the rights holders is always required.