FAQ Questions regarding uploading a release

2.18 What is a Waterfall Release and how do I upload it?

Assuming you want to release three singles before your album release. The first single contains only one song, the second release adds the first single, making it two tracks, and the third single includes three songs (the new one and the two previously released singles). This increases the attention for your already released songs and generates more streams.

Waterfall Releases can be uploaded as follows:

1. Under Tracklist, add the new single as the first track.

2. Next, add the previously released singles. A Waterfall Release can also consist of four, five, or more songs. It is also possible to gradually release an EP by adding one more song each time.

3. It should be noted that the metadata must match 1:1 with the previous releases. This means that the song title, artists, features, composers, authors, ISRC, and the audio file must be identical.