FAQ Basics

1.6 Can I transfer my releases from another distributor to iGroove without losing my streams?

Yes, you can transfer your release or entire catalog to iGroove in just a few simple steps. We ensure that all your streams and playlist placements are preserved, and all your releases appear in the correct profiles.

To transfer your releases, use our convenient import tool. First, go to “My products” and then select “Import releases”. The tool automatically imports the metadata of the selected releases. You just need to add the cover, audio files, and some other information such as price or genre.

Once you have registered the releases with us, you can request a takedown from your previous distributor, which means they will remove your release from all shops. Simultaneously, you can finalize your release in the iGroove admin, and we will deliver it to the stores. During a certain period of time, your release will be available twice in the shops. The duration of this period depends on how quickly your previous distributor performs the takedown.

To preserve your streams and playlist placements, you must use the same EAN and ISRCs when registering your releases with iGroove as you did when originally distributed through your previous distributor. In addition to the codes, the metadata (song title, composer, lyricist, features, etc.) must also be identical, especially the audio files.

The profiles on Spotify or Apple Music are managed by you and are not tied to a distributor. Therefore, it is not a problem to assign your future releases to the correct profile. When creating your release in the iGroove admin, you can add your profiles from Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud, ensuring that they are assigned to the correct profile.