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5.6 How can I verify and edit my profile on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.?

Spotify: As a Spotify Gold Partner, you can verify your release directly through iGroove. This will give you immediate access to Spotify for Artists where you can edit your profile page. For direct access, go to “Tools” in your iGroove account and then select “S4A Access.”

If you want to verify your profile before your first release, for example to pitch, you can contact our support and we will provide you with your artist URI, which you can use to verify your profile.

Apple Music: To verify your profile, at least one release must be available. Once this is the case, only a few steps are required. For more information, visit:

Amazon Music: To edit your profile, you must register on

Deezer: With Deezer for Creators, Deezer also offers the possibility to edit your profile yourself. For more information, visit:

SoundCloud: You can edit your profile and much more at YTo request the blue checkmark, i.e. verification, go to the settings of your SoundCloud account and click on the “Request Verification” button.

TIDAL: You can make all important adjustments to your profile via the TIDAL Artist Home at