FAQ Questions regarding payments and credits

4.3 How and when do I get my money?

At the beginning of each month you will receive a monthly invoice via email with one month’s delay. That means, if you publish a release sometime in January, you will get the billing for the month January at the beginning of March.

The email with the invoice will give you a first impression of the performance of your music in that month. It shows you your top release (including income) as well as your top song (including income). You can get a more detailed insight into the statistics of your releases in your iGroove account. There you can also download your statement as an XLS file or as a PDF invoice.

You can transfer money from your account to your bank or PayPal account at any time. The transfer usually takes 7-10 business days. At the latest, however, after 20 working days the money is completely transferred. Amounts can only be paid out from a minimum amount of USD 25 / GBP 25 / CHF 30 / EUR 25.