FAQ Questions regarding payments and credits

4.2 Where and when can I see my sales figures and statistics?

You can track your sales directly from your iGroove account at any time. There are two different views available.

Sales trends view: Here you can see all your download and streaming revenue updated daily. The data is visible with a delay of two days. The trends are called trends because the numbers they provide have not yet been settled with the individual music stores and therefore have not yet been credited to you. The final settlement can slightly deviate from the sales trends due to currency fluctuations and corrections by the music stores.

Credits view: Here you can see all your download and streaming revenues that have already been billed to the individual music stores. Once a month a credit invoice will be created and credited directly to your account. Depending on the shop, it can take up to six months for a download from the sales trend view to be billed to the music stores. This is due to the fact that certain shops only bill their partners twice a year.