Our Team

We are musicians ourselves and see it as our mission to help artists increase their revenues and build a sustainable business. Every day we ask ourselves the question how we can better fulfill this task in the future. In addition to the permanent development of our own software and services, we attach great importance to fair prices, transparency and excellent support. Learn more

Dennis Hausammann

Chief Executive Officer / Bro-Founder

Moris Marchionna

A&R Director / Bro-Founder

Kool Savas

King of Rap

Danny Bokelmann

A&R Director GSA

Amin Mansour


Edoardo Rossi

A&R International

Csaba Mészáros

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Dominik Völker

Chief Risk & Analytics Officer

Dr. Peter Diesinger

Chief Underwriting & Analytics Officer

Alex Just

Project Manager

Fabian Merlo

Head Of Communication

Denny Kenel

Product Manager

Melanie Züger

Playlist Promotion Manager

Gianna Archetti

Product Manager

Géraldine Allemann

Chief Financial Officer / Co-Founder

Roman Fritschi

Creative Director

Kevin Schmid

Product Manager

Rajko Coralic

Product Manager

Sasha Saedi

Senior A&R AT

Danja Bumler


Elena Puskuris


Niroz Mohammed

Social Media Manager

Deniz Jurado

Software Developer

Benjamin Rathmann

Process Engineering

Zoltán Molnár

Software Developer

István Gosztonyi

Software Developer

We are musicians ourselves

My name is Dennis and I am one of the founders of iGroove.

When I started making music over ten years ago, everything was very exciting and new. Soon we had our first self-produced album, which we sold successfully on the street.

For the next release everything should become more professional and so I worked together with a label for the second album. However, the costs and margins were so high that there was hardly anything left for me from the sales. The label did no more than deliver my CD to the dealers on request. That’s not how I had imagined it.

A fair solution…

Together with some friends I founded my own label including distribution. Soon we could conclude contracts with all important trading partners. But also here the charged fixed costs were so high that we dissolved the contracts soon again.

For the next album I finally decided on a purely digital release. But here, too, most of the money stayed with the shop, which did nothing but put the music online. So for the third time I was in an unsatisfactory and in my eyes unfair situation.

I therefore decided to take a break with the music and look for a solution to this problem. Soon I had the vision of a fair trade platform for musicians: I wanted to create my own shop where the musicians could sell their releases without upload costs and get 92% of the revenue. iGroove was born.

But it wasn’t just the idea for our own shop: we also developed the possibility to sell music via SMS and thus reach additional buyers who don’t have a credit card. In a next step, iGroove became a distributor so that our customers could also benefit from the fair 92% in the other shops.

Focus on support and financing

An increasing number of customers used our services and we also began to expand abroad, which brought us numerous customers from Germany and Austria. Since support and personal attention were always at the top of our list, I finally decided to only offer iGroove to those artists we could really offer something to. From now on you had to apply for an account at iGroove, so that we had fewer customers, but we could take enough time for them.

Not only the team of iGroove grew continuously, also our range of offers became broader. We included various promotion services in our offer and the financing of music projects came more and more into focus. We made it our goal to help our clients get the most out of their project. We support selected artists with advance payments thanks to which they can realize their projects easily and quickly. The story of iGroove already includes several success stories and yet it feels as if we have just started.