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Spotify Pre-Save

With Spotify Pre-Save you give your listeners the possibility to save your upcoming release in advance, so that it will appear directly in the listener’s library on the day of release. This gives you the opportunity to promote your release with a link to the pre-save campaign before it is released.

We recommend to set up the Pre-Save campaign at least two weeks before the release in order to collect as many saves as possible. These increase the number of streams on the release day and have a positive influence on the algorithms of Spotify.

Important: Of course, the release can only be heard from the day of publication, with Pre-Save it is simply reserved by the listeners. It is possible to set up Pre-Saves for singles, EP’s and albums.

Please note that it can take up to two days from the moment the release is shipped until we can see the URI we need to set up the campaign in the Spotify system. We will insert this URI into your link site, which you can share.

Pre-Add at Apple Music: To use Pre-Add from Apple Music you need a release with more than one song, a pre-order date and at least one song as Instant Gratification.

Your advantages

  • Use Spotify Pre-Save for your promotional campaign
  • More streams on the release date
  • Positive impact on algorithms
  • Free of charge installation