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Instant Gratification

Instant Gratification allows you to make one or more songs from your album available for pre-sale on iTunes, Amazon, and iGroove. These selected songs will be available for download from the date you select, and if someone pre-orders the release, they’ll receive those songs instantly. The remaining songs in the release will not be available until the official release date.

The Instant Gratification can be a special motivation for your fans to pre-order the album as they will receive a reward in the form of one or more tracks in advance.

Important to know:

  • There should be at least five business days between the order date and the start of the Instant Gratification.
  • When ordering, specify which song should be available as of which date
  • Instant gratification can be set up for a maximum of five songs
  • Unless otherwise stated, the Instant Gratification is entered in the three mentioned shops

Deine Vorteile

  • Make your songs accessible before release
  • Reward your fans and increase your pre-sales


Prices excl. VAT

Instant Gratification

EUR 19