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Artist Bot

You have a lot of fans on your Facebook Artist page, but you’re annoyed that you can’t write to them all at once? In that case we have just the thing for you: the first chatbot for musicians. This technology will revolutionize the communication between musicians and fans!

With the Bot we have developed a newsletter system which for the first time enables you to inform all your fans about news directly on their mobile devices with just a few clicks. Compared to email marketing, messenger messages have a 95% higher response rate. This has already been proven by the Whatsapp newsletters, which have attracted more and more attention over the past two years. However, the prices for Whatsapp newsletters are very high and the user lists are limited to 300 members. With bot technology, these issues have now been resolved and it even offers many more possibilities such as automatic replies, offering free songs and much more.

That’s how it works: First of all, you have to get your fans to send you a message via Messenger. You can do this with a ticket raffle or a free song. New is the possibility to present your fans an exclusive pre-listening via the bot. Go to iGroove in the menu Artist Bot and select “Listen to the Bot” in the Bot menu and add the desired release. Once you’ve added the release, your fans can listen to the release’s snippets directly in Messenger.

Every fan who writes you via Messenger is automatically registered in the newsletter system. With iGroove you can easily send direct messages to your fans who will receive them via Messenger. Up to 100 fans even for free!

Important: You must be Facebook admin of the page on which you want to activate the Artist Bot!

Your advantages

  • Write all your fans at once
  • Offer your fans free songs, exclusive audio samples, and much more
  • Benefit from a massively higher reaction rate
  • Simplifies communication between musician and fan


Prices excl. VAT

Up to 100 fans

Free of charge

Up to 500 Fans

EUR 9 / month

Up to 2.000 Fans

EUR 19 / month

Up to 10.000 Fans

EUR 29 / month

Up to 100.000 Fans

EUR 89 / month