Clubhouse – Hype or Revolution?

What you'll learn in this post:
  • For newbies: what Clubhouse actually is
  • What the advantages of the social audio app are
  • Whether you can earn money as a musician with Clubhouse

Is Clubhouse just short-term hype fueled by the pandemic, or really the biggest social media revolution since TikTok or Instagram?

Assuming you don’t live under a rock, you’ve almost certainly heard of the app Clubhouse in recent weeks. Invitations are in high demand, more and more celebrities are using the app, and despite manageable user numbers, it’s already worth billions. Even though everyone is jumping on it at the moment, the question remains whether Clubhouse can establish itself or whether the hype will quickly cool down again. We asked around.

What is Clubhouse?

Compared to other social media apps, Clubhouse does without text and image posts. It’s all about the spoken word. Users meet in rooms and discuss specific topics (or just listen). The makers are focusing on scarcity; so far you can only join with an invitation plus Clubhouse is only available for the iPhone. According to the latest figures, the app has 2 million active users per week.

What are the advantages?

A lot of interesting people are on Clubhouse, so you can get a lot of expert knowledge.

Networking: it’s easier to talk to people who would otherwise be difficult to get in touch with.

Contact with fans: Clubhouse offers two-way communication with your fans. Fans can ask questions and there is a direct exchange.

The fact that not many users are using the app yet is of course a disadvantage from the musician’s point of view. However, it can be an advantage that Clubhouse is not yet so crowded and you can build a network more easily as an early adopter.

If you join a discussion, your followers will receive a notification. If they join, their followers are notified, and so on. So it’s worth starting a discussion with other artists to reach out to multiple fan groups.

Earn money with Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is already planning to pay creators. Under discussion are tips or even that you have to buy a ticket to participate in a discussion. Of course, this will only be really interesting if the app can establish itself in the long term and greatly increase its user numbers. But will Clubhouse have an effect like no social media app since TikTok or Instagram, as certain experts are already predicting?

One thing is certain: Clubhouse has the attention and the financial resources. In addition, more and more celebrities and opinion leaders are using the app, and even big companies are jumping on the train. But it is also agreed that Clubhouse would never have been the talk of the town so quickly without the pandemic. We are now eagerly awaiting the launch of Clubhouse’s new features and whether they will make the app even more interesting for musicians.

Jesse Kirshbaum of Nue Agency has come up with an interesting thesis. She believes Clubhouse will revolutionize the podcast world. Right now, it’s frowned upon to record your conversations on Clubhouse. However, she believes that will change soon and thus there will be plenty of material to satisfy the hunger of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, etc. for new podcasts. It remains exciting and it certainly can’t hurt to grab an invite.