Lead Music Marketing Innovator – Artist Breakthrough Expert

Job Übersicht

Remote (Preference for European Time Zone)

About iGroove:

At iGroove, we’re on a mission to redefine artist success through the fusion of data analytics and avant-garde technology. Our ambition is to discover and amplify artists with global star potential, making a significant impact on the world stage by leveraging insightful data to ensure their art finds its audience.


Your Role:

As the Lead Music Marketing Innovator at iGroove, you will be the driving force behind transforming artist potential into success stories. This role is tailored for a visionary ready to transcend the boundaries of traditional music marketing, utilizing data-driven strategies to uncover new paths for artist recognition. You’ll collaborate with emerging talents, crafting tailored campaigns with our cutting-edge resources to not only penetrate the industry but also set new benchmarks.



• Strategic Innovation: Lead the charge in devising groundbreaking marketing strategies that merge creativity with analytical insights, propelling artists to unparalleled heights.
• Data Mastery: Leverage advanced analytics to spot trends and opportunities for artist growth, transforming intricate data into actionable marketing strategies.
• Brand Development: Partner with artists to cultivate their public persona and narrative, ensuring their brand resonates with their audience while maintaining authenticity.
• Leadership and Collaboration: Inspire and guide multidisciplinary teams to embrace a unified and dynamic approach to artist promotion.
• Campaign Management: Oversee the development and execution of impactful campaigns, measuring success through engagement metrics and market growth.


We’re Seeking:

• A seasoned music marketing professional with at least 5 years of experience and a proven track record in breaking artists.
• Expertise in the dynamic music industry landscape, including both digital and traditional marketing channels.
• A data enthusiast skilled at deriving compelling narratives from analytics.
• A proven leader capable of motivating teams to achieve exceptional outcomes.
• A creative and strategic thinker with the ability to launch and manage campaigns that captivate and engage.
• Strong network within the music, technology, and media industries.
• A deep passion for music and unwavering commitment to artist development and success.


Why iGroove?

• Impact the music industry by working directly with artists on the brink of success.
• Join a team that values creativity, innovation, and tangible results.
• Enjoy a competitive salary, flexible working conditions, and the chance to shape the future of music marketing.
• Be supported by a company leading in technology and data analytics.


Step into Leadership:

If you’re a seasoned music marketing expert passionate about propelling artists to fame, we want you. Bring your experience, insights, and creativity to the forefront of music innovation at iGroove. Apply by sending your resume, a cover letter showcasing your achievements in artist development, and work samples to [email protected].