FAQ Questions regarding DSP delivery

3.6 Does iGroove also deliver to Beatport?

Yes, there is the possibility to make your music available at Beatport. In comparison to other stores, there are various restrictions. The most important criteria first: Beatport is a shop that is completely specialized in electronic music. Beatport is therefore particularly suitable for DJ’s and producers, but not for rap, pop or rock releases. Also Beatport decides which releases they want to offer and which they don’t.

Therefore you have to fill out this form first so that we can check if your releases are suitable for Beatport. You can choose whether you want to make your releases available on the iGroove label (free) or register your own label (one-time fee EUR 39 / CHF 45).

As soon as your label profile has been set up by Beatport, your previous releases can be delivered. For future releases you can select Beatport directly when creating the release.

Beatport also reserves the right to remove releases from their shop that sell little or nothing over a longer period of time. iGroove has no influence on that.