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2.5 How can I activate pre-saves for my release?

To make your release available for pre-save on Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music, go to “Services” in your iGroove account and select “Order Services”. Here, you can order the desired pre-saves for free.

After ordering, the pre-save will be generated directly on the Link Site of the corresponding release (located under “Tools” → “Link Site”).

2.3 What is a Waterfall Release and how do I upload it?

A waterfall release is a strategy in which you gradually release singles, adding previously released tracks to each new release. This generates more attention for your already released songs and can lead to more streams. For example, you might release three singles before releasing an album, adding the previously released tracks to each new release.

To capture a waterfall release, follow these steps:

1. In the tracklist, add the new single as the first track.

2. Add the previously released singles to the tracklist. A waterfall release can also consist of four, five, or more songs. For example, you could gradually release an EP by adding one more song each time.

3. Ensure that the metadata matches 1:1 with the previously released tracks. This means that the song title, artists, features, composers, lyricists, ISRC, and audio file must be identical.

2.8 How can I ensure that the streams of the single and album versions are counted together?

If a song is available in two versions on Spotify – for example, as a single and additionally as part of an EP or album – the streams of both versions are counted together if the same ISRC code has been assigned to each version.

For instance, if the single version was uploaded first, the same ISRC code must be assigned to the corresponding song when uploading the album. Additionally, the metadata, including audio file, the artist, features, song title, and version, must match.

To avoid forgetting this step, iGroove has implemented a warning message.

2.17 Can I distribute classical music through iGroove?

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer classical music distribution.

2.16 Can cover songs be released through iGroove?

Yes, it is possible to release cover versions through iGroove. However, there are some important points to consider:

• When entering the song, indicate the composers and lyricists of the original.
• Declare the song as a cover. To do this, go to the tracklist, select “Edit song,” and then “Show additional fields.” Now select “Cover” under “Type of recording.” Please never list “Cover” in the song title.
• Register the song with the relevant collecting society.
• The original song must be registered with a collecting society. If it is not, permission must be obtained from the rights holders.

The following must also be observed:

1. Is at least one of the songwriters from the USA or represented by a US collecting society?
a. NO -> Worldwide distribution for streaming and download possible
b. YES -> See point 2.

2. Will the song only be offered for streaming?
a. YES -> Worldwide (including the USA) distribution for streaming possible
b. NO -> See point 3

3. If the song is to be offered for permanent download or physically in the USA, a license must be obtained.

Please note that these regulations apply only to covers. For remixes or samples, permission from the rights holders is always required.

2.15 What do I need to consider for a release with live recordings?

When creating a live release, it is important to mark every live recorded song in the tracklist as such. To do this, add the note “Live” in the “Track Version” field.

2.14 What do I need to consider for an instrumental release?

When entering a release, you can indicate for each song in the tracklist whether it is instrumental (type of recording). If a song is marked as “Instrumental”, it is not necessary to specify a lyricist. Otherwise, the release can be entered as usual.

2.13 How do I get ISRC and UPC for my release?

With your release, you will receive all codes free of charge:

• ISRC codes
• UPC / EAN code

The codes are automatically generated as soon as your release has been approved.

Do you need the UPC and ISRC coded of your release in advance for mastering? No problem! Simply follow these steps:

1. Log in to your iGroove account and create a new release.
2. Enter the basic information about your release.
3. Fill out the tracklist, including all track information, and pay attention to the order of the songs. You can skip the WAV upload of the songs for now.
4. As soon as you have entered all available information about your release, write to us at [email protected] and request the label copy, which includes your codes.

2.12 Do I need to fill out the “Copyright”, “Label”, and “(P)-note” fields?

The fields “Copyright”, “Label”, and “(P)-note” are optional and can be left blank. In this case, “iGroove” will be automatically indicated as the label. However, if you want to enter your copyright, label or (P)-note, the fields are available. In most cases, the label must also be mentioned in the (P)-note.

2.11 Which shops can I deliver to via iGroove?

iGroove can supply a variety of streaming providers, download shops, and social media platforms. The most important ones include:

• Spotify
• Apple Music
• Amazon Music
• Deezer
• YouTube Music
• SoundCloud
• TikTok
• Facebook / Instagram
• Pandora
• Tencent
• TikTok Music / Resso

A complete and updated list of shops is available directly in your account when you create a new release.

2.10 Can I change my artist name?

Yes, a change of artist name is possible from a reach of 30,000 monthly listeners, even for already released content. Both streams and followers and playlist placements will be retained. Contact our support team via LiveChat or by email at [email protected].

For artists with lower reach, current releases can be renamed and submitted without an artist ID. In this case, a new profile will be created and all streams will be taken over. Please also contact our support team for this purpose.

Important note: When changing the name, the cover of the release must also be updated, as the metadata must match the information on the cover.

2.9 Can I still edit my release after completing it?

Yes, you can edit your release at any time. As long as it has not yet been delivered to the shops, free changes can be made. After delivery, a fee will be charged.

Please note that after delivery, you are not allowed to change the tracklist, add or remove songs, or change the codes (EAN/ISRC). However, you can still edit audio files, cover art, or metadata after delivery.