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2.18 What is a Waterfall Release and how do I upload it?

Assuming you want to release three singles before your album release. The first single contains only one song, the second release adds the first single, making it two tracks, and the third single includes three songs (the new one and the two previously released singles). This increases the attention for your already released songs and generates more streams.

Waterfall Releases can be uploaded as follows:

1. Under Tracklist, add the new single as the first track.

2. Next, add the previously released singles. A Waterfall Release can also consist of four, five, or more songs. It is also possible to gradually release an EP by adding one more song each time.

3. It should be noted that the metadata must match 1:1 with the previous releases. This means that the song title, artists, features, composers, authors, ISRC, and the audio file must be identical.

2.6 How do I make sure that the streams of the single and album version are added together?

If a song is available twice on Spotify – for example as a single and additionally as part of an EP or album – the streams from both versions are added together. This is only possible if the same ISRC has been added to both versions. If, for example, the single is entered first, you must then ensure that the same ISRC is used for the corresponding song when entering the album. In addition, the metadata must match; artist, feature, song title and title version must be identical.

To make sure this is not forgotten, iGroove has a warning message built in.

2.17 Can I publish classical music via iGroove?

Unfortunately we do not offer the distribution of classical music at the moment.

2.16 Can cover songs also be released via iGroove?

Covers are always a delicate topic and we recommend that you contact our support before publishing them.

It is important to indicate the authors of the original in the fields composer and text author.

2.15 What do I have to consider when releasing live recordings?

When you enter your live release, you must indicate in the track list for each live song whether it contains a live recording. Enter Live in the “Track Version” field.

2.14 What do I have to consider with an instrumental release?

When you enter your release, you can indicate in the tracklist for each song whether it is instrumental (type of recording). If a song is marked as “instrumental”, it is not necessary to enter a text author. Otherwise the release can be entered as usual.

2.13 Where can I get ISRC, EAN and barcode for my release?

With the release you get all codes for your release for free:

  • ISRC Codes
  • EAN Code
  • Barcode for your physical CD

The codes are generated automatically after the completion of your release. If you have any questions about your codes please send us an email to [email protected].

Do you need the EANs and ISRCs of your release in advance for mastering? No problem! Just follow the steps below:
1. Log into your iGroove account and click on “+NEW RELEASE”.
2. Enter the basic information for your release
3. Fill in the tracklist including all track information and pay attention to the order of the songs. You can skip the WAV upload of the songs for now.
4. Write us at [email protected] as soon as you have entered all available information about your release and request the label copy including your codes

2.12 Do I have to enter anything in the fields “Copyright”, “Label” and “(P)-note”?

These fields are optional and can be left blank accordingly. In this case, “iGroove” is automatically specified as the label. So if you want to enter your copyright, label or (P)-note, the fields are at your disposal. In most cases, the (P) note must also contain the label.

2.11 Which shops can I deliver to via iGroove?

The most important stores are listed on the homepage. Among them are:

iTunes / Apple Music
YouTube Music

The complete and updated shop list is directly visible in your account when you create a new release.

2.9 Do I have to be registered with a collecting society (SUISA, GEMA)?

No. All you have to do is own the copyrights to the songs. This means that you have created the works yourself without using lyrics, melodies or samples of other people’s works, unless you own the licenses for commercial use. As a member of a collecting society, you must independently register all your works with your collecting society.

2.8 Can I change my artist name?

Yes, this is possible from a reach of 30,000 monthly listeners and also for releases that have already been published. Streams, followers and playlist placements are maintained. Contact our support team via LiveChat or [email protected].

For artists with less reach, the current releases can be renamed and submitted without an Artist ID. In this case, a new profile will be created and all streams will be transferred. Please also contact our support team for this.

Important: When a name change is made, the cover of the release must also be updated, as the metadata must match the information on the cover.

2.7 Can I still edit my release after I completed it?

Yes, you can edit your release at any time. If it has not yet been delivered to the shops, changes can be made free of charge, a small fee will be charged after delivery.

After delivery it is no longer allowed to change the tracklist, remove or add songs or change the codes (EAN / ISRC). However, audio files, covers or metadata can still be edited after delivery.