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4.7 Can I share my earnings directly with my partners?

Yes, with iGroove, you have the option to share your release earnings with your partners. This can be set up directly through the app or desktop version.

You can set the participation for each individual song. Once you have recorded the participation, your partners will automatically receive a notification and have access to their personal iGroove account as well as the iGroove app. By accessing the trend data of the respective songs, your partners can see how they perform at any time.

You can also specify for each deal whether withholding tax should be included or not. This way, all your partners are correctly recorded from the start and you can save yourself a lot of paperwork.

Payments are made monthly from iGroove to all participants’ accounts. Each participant can independently choose when and how often to withdraw their credit.


There are no costs for those who set up deals. Due to the effort involved in paying out to partners, we charge a small payout fee of 8 USD per transaction. This fee only applies to artists who are not already iGroove customers, i.e. those who only use iGroove as a partner without releasing their music through us.

All participants receive credit every month and are free to decide when and how often they want to withdraw it. For example, this could be every three months or once a year. This is a clear advantage over other providers such as DistroKid, who charge a fixed monthly fee of $10 per partner.

4.6 What do the forecasts on my Cashboard mean?

The forecasts display your expected streaming revenues for the next 6, 12, and 24 months. They were calculated using your historical streaming data by our artificial intelligence, Muse.

The probability display provides additional planning security.

4.5 What does “Next Payouts” mean on my Cashboard?

The “Next Payouts” widget helps you plan for the upcoming months by showing how much you can expect to receive from iGroove over the next three payouts.

The completeness indicator shows how much of that has already been achieved.

4.4 Individual downloads have disappeared from my sales trends. What happened?

In rare cases, it can happen that a store disputes corrections or chargebacks, for example due to cancellations. These are then automatically reconciled with your sales trends. Therefore, the sales trends do not show definitive sales figures. For accurate revenue information, refer to your monthly statements, which provide information about the actual revenue settled with the stores.

4.3 How and when do I receive my money?

You will receive a monthly statement via email at the beginning of each month, with a one-month delay. For example, if you release music in January, you will receive the statement for January at the beginning of March.

The email statement provides you with an overview of your music’s performance for the relevant month. It shows your top release (including earnings) and your top song (including earnings).

For a more detailed insight into your release statistics, you can access your iGroove account. There you can download your statement as an XLS file or PDF invoice.

You can transfer money from your account to your bank or PayPal account at any time. The transfer usually takes 7-10 business days after confirmation via email, which you will receive upon requesting the withdrawal. The money will be fully transferred no later than 20 business days.

Withdrawals are only executed for amounts of at least 100 CHF / EUR / USD / GBP. If an error occurs during your payout request, such as providing incorrect information, your payout will be returned to your iGroove account. Payouts that are not confirmed within 30 days will also be returned to your iGroove account.

4.2 Where and when can I see my sales figures and statistics?

You can view your sales figures and detailed information on your streams and sales directly in your iGroove account at any time. There are two different views available.

Sales trends:

Here, you can view provisional earnings for downloads, streams, and pre-orders. The data is visible with a delay of 1-2 days. However, the sales trends are provisional, as we only receive the number of streams from DSPs, not the amount earned. The figures shown are based on experience values. With the aid of our artificial intelligence “Muse”, we can achieve over 98% accuracy.

Since these streams and downloads have not yet been settled with the stores, they cannot yet be credited. The final settlement may differ from the sales trends due to currency fluctuations and corrections by the shops. If streaming figures are manipulated, for example by bots, there may be larger deviations between trend data and adjusted credit data. It should also be noted that we do not receive trend data from all shops.


To view your earnings from streaming and downloads that have already been settled with the stores, go to “My credit” → “Balance” or directly to the respective release.
A credit invoice is generated every month and credited directly to your account.

Depending on the store, it may take up to six months for a download from the sales trend view to be settled with the stores. This is because some smaller shops only settle with their partners twice a year. You can see the credited time period under “Paid out periods”.

4.1 How much money do I get paid per download/stream?

iGroove pays out 92% of the net revenue generated by music stores such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. to you.


The download shops pay us a portion of the sale price. Depending on the store, these payouts can vary. For example, iTunes pays us about EUR 0.71 for a song download with a sale price of EUR 0.99. This value may fluctuate due to different taxation. Ultimately, 92% of net revenue means not 92% of the sale price, but 92% of what the shops pay us.


It is even more difficult to define how much you get paid per stream than for downloads. This varies greatly and depends on various factors, such as the country in which the song was streamed or which subscription the listeners use.

You can find the exact details of your earnings in your account. If you have further questions, please contact our support.