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4.6 How can I redeem a voucher code?

You can redeem the voucher code wherever an open invoice is displayed. Simply use the corresponding input field “redeem voucher” next to the payment methods.

4.5 Individual downloads have disappeared from my preview. What happened?

In rare cases, a Music Store may make complaints about corrections or reversals, for example, due to cancellations. These are then automatically matched against your sales trends. The sales trends therefore do not show any definite sales figures. Only the monthly statements show the revenue effectively settled with the Music Stores.

4.4 How can I check if my sales figures are correct?

Just place a trial order via iTunes or another music store. After 1-2 days, the download will appear in your sales trends. If you place an order on, the download will even appear in your account after a few hours. Please keep in mind that there may be occasional delays in the transmission of sales figures from the music stores. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this.

4.3 How and when do I get my money?

At the beginning of each month you will receive a monthly invoice via email with one month’s delay. That means, if you publish a release sometime in January, you will get the billing for the month January at the beginning of March.

The email with the invoice will give you a first impression of the performance of your music in that month. It shows you your top release (including income) as well as your top song (including income). You can get a more detailed insight into the statistics of your releases in your iGroove account. There you can also download your statement as an XLS file or as a PDF invoice.

You can transfer money from your account to your bank or PayPal account at any time. The transfer usually takes 7-10 business days. At the latest, however, after 20 working days the money is completely transferred. Amounts can only be paid out from a minimum amount of USD 25 / GBP 25 / CHF 30 / EUR 25.

4.2 Where and when can I see my sales figures and statistics?

You can track your sales directly from your iGroove account at any time. There are two different views available.

Sales trends view: Here you can see all your download and streaming revenue updated daily. The data is visible with a delay of two days. The trends are called trends because the numbers they provide have not yet been settled with the individual music stores and therefore have not yet been credited to you. The final settlement can slightly deviate from the sales trends due to currency fluctuations and corrections by the music stores.

Credits view: Here you can see all your download and streaming revenues that have already been billed to the individual music stores. Once a month a credit invoice will be created and credited directly to your account. Depending on the shop, it can take up to six months for a download from the sales trend view to be billed to the music stores. This is due to the fact that certain shops only bill their partners twice a year.

4.1 How much money do I get paid per download / stream?

iGroove pays you 92% of the net revenue generated by third-party shops such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.. iGroove AG’s own download shops and tools (purchase via, SMS or Widget) work with a fair trade shop commission of 8% of the sales price.

Important to know: The external music stores (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc.) only pay a portion of the sales price to the artists / partners or primarily to us as distributor. Depending on the Music Store, these payments can vary. For example, iTunes pays us an amount of about EUR 0.71 for a song download with a sales price of EUR 0.99 as distribution. This value can fluctuate, because for example the deductions can vary by different taxation. (For example the value added tax: Germany 19%, Switzerland 8%) In the end, 92% of the net revenues does not mean 92% of the sales price, but 92% of what the music stores pay us.

Sale via iTunes
Selling price EUR 0.99 (CHF 1.50)
Payment from iTunes EUR 0.71 (CHF 0.86)
Commission (8%) EUR -0.06 (CHF -0.07)
Artist gets EUR 0,65 (CHF 0,79)

Sale via (without SMS) (1 song)
Selling price EUR 0,99 / CHF 1,50
Artist gets EUR 0,60 / CHF 1,08

Sale via SMS Switzerland CHF (1 Song)
Selling price CHF 1,50
Artist gets CHF 0,78

The revenue from streams varies and depends on various factors, such as in which country the song was streamed.

You can find the exact details of your income in your account. If you have further questions please contact us: [email protected]