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5.7 How do I get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube?

To obtain an Official Artist Channel (OAC) on YouTube, you must meet the following three criteria:

• You must be the owner of a YouTube channel for an artist or band.
• There must be at least three official releases on YouTube that are published and distributed through a music label.
• Your channel must not have any policy violations.

If you meet these three criteria, we can handle the OAC application for you. To do so, we need links to your channel, topic channel, and ideally, also to the Art Tracks.

Note: YouTube typically takes 2-3 weeks to process OAC applications. However, in some cases, it may take several months for your channel to be converted.

5.5 What features does the Link Site offer?

The Link Site is one of the most important and practical tools for promoting your release and directing your fans to their preferred shop.

On the Link Site, you can find links to the most common shops. Some of these links will be automatically added, while others can be added manually. Additionally, you can also add links to other stores, such as your own webshop.

The Link Site is particularly useful before the release is out. This is because you can gather important pre-saves on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer, as well as pre-orders on iTunes or other download shops.

Furthermore, you can personalize the Link Site with your music video and links to your profiles on the most important social media platforms.

Finally, under Tools → Link Site, you can find the Analytics section. There, you can view the following information:

• The number of visits the Link Site received, the number of shop links that were clicked, and the number of pre-saves
• The countries where the visitors to your Link Site come from
• Where the users came from (e.g. Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube)

All of this data can be accessed for four different time periods, and you can go back up to 180 days.

5.4 Where can I learn more about my listeners?

To gain insights into the demographics of your listeners, navigate to the Sales Trends section of your iGroove account and select the “Audience” tab.

You can then choose whether to analyze data from Spotify or Apple Music. An overview of the age groups and genders of your listeners will be provided.

If you want to know which countries your listeners are from, navigate to “Top Charts” and select “Top Countries”.

5.3 Where can I view the performance of my songs on TikTok?

In our sales trends, you can see daily updates on how your releases are developing on various DSPs or which playlists your songs have been added to. Additionally, you can find the “Social Insights” here, which provide you with all relevant information about the performance of your songs on TikTok:

• Creations: The number of videos in which the respective track has been used
• Video Views: How many times these videos have been viewed
• Number of comments, likes, and shares, as well as how many times they have been added to favorites.
• Avg. Watch time: How long the clips were watched on average

Finally, it is also evident how much revenue per song is expected to be generated. It is important to note that revenue is based on Creations and not on Video Views.

5.2 Will I be notified if my song is added to a playlist?

If you have booked our “Playlist Pitching” service, you will receive a detailed list of successful playlist placements. We understand the importance of playlist placements, so we have set up a notification system for everyone.

You will receive a notification if:

• Your song is added to a playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Deezer, or YouTube Music.
• The playlist has at least 500 followers, regardless of whether it was created by the platform or by users.
• The position of the song in a playlist has changed significantly.

We will track releases for 28 days from the release date. You can find the notifications on the iGroove app and desktop version.

5.1 How can I promote my music?

iGroove offers a variety of effective services and free tools to help you optimize the promotion of your music.

From playlist pitching and advertising on TikTok, Spotify, or YouTube to streaming promotion, we offer a wide range of services that can be tailored to your specific needs.

You can find all available services and tools in your iGroove account. Our marketing experts are also happy to advise you personally.

5.6 How can I verify and edit my profile on Spotify, Apple Music, etc.?

Spotify: As a Spotify Gold Partner, you can verify your release directly through iGroove. This will give you immediate access to Spotify for Artists where you can edit your profile page. For direct access, go to “Tools” in your iGroove account and then select “S4A Access.”

If you want to verify your profile before your first release, for example to pitch, you can contact our support and we will provide you with your artist URI, which you can use to verify your profile.

Apple Music: To verify your profile, at least one release must be available. Once this is the case, only a few steps are required. For more information, visit:

Amazon Music: To edit your profile, you must register on

Deezer: With Deezer for Creators, Deezer also offers the possibility to edit your profile yourself. For more information, visit:

SoundCloud: You can edit your profile and much more at YTo request the blue checkmark, i.e. verification, go to the settings of your SoundCloud account and click on the “Request Verification” button.

TIDAL: You can make all important adjustments to your profile via the TIDAL Artist Home at