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3.6 Does iGroove also deliver to Beatport?

Yes, there is the possibility to make your music available at Beatport. In comparison to other stores, there are various restrictions. The most important criteria first: Beatport is a shop that is completely specialized in electronic music. Beatport is therefore particularly suitable for DJ’s and producers, but not for rap, pop or rock releases. Also Beatport decides which releases they want to offer and which they don’t.

Therefore you have to fill out this form first so that we can check if your releases are suitable for Beatport. You can choose whether you want to make your releases available on the iGroove label (free) or register your own label (one-time fee EUR 39 / CHF 45).

As soon as your label profile has been set up by Beatport, your previous releases can be delivered. For future releases you can select Beatport directly when creating the release.

Beatport also reserves the right to remove releases from their shop that sell little or nothing over a longer period of time. iGroove has no influence on that.

3.5 How can I verify my profile at Spotify / Apple Music and upload pictures?

Spotify: Since iGroove is a Gold Partner of Spotify, you can verify your release directly through us and get instant access to Spotify for Artists. More info here.
If you want to have your profile verified before your first release, for example to pitch, you can contact our support at [email protected] and we will send you your artist URI to verify your profile.

Apple Music: In order to verify your profile, at least one release must be available. Once this is the case it only takes a few steps.

How you can verify your profile, you can read in this blog posts:
Apple Music

3.4 How do I register my release for the charts?

The registration for the charts in Germany, Switzerland and Austria happens automatically and free of charge with the publication via iGroove.

iGroove sales (via SMS Keyword, via, via etc.) also count in Switzerland for the charts.

3.3 Where can I find the store links to my release?

As soon as your release goes LIVE after successful delivery to the stores, i.e. when it is available in the stores, you will receive an email in which you will find the links to all shops as well as your personal link site. The link site summarizes the links for all shops, clearly arranged on a page with your individual URL.


You can also find your link site including all store links in your account under the menu item “Tools” -> “Link Site”.

3.2 How long does it take for my songs to be available in the music stores?

This is different for all stores and can last from a few days to two to three weeks (for smaller shops). This depends on the shops and their processes.

We recommend that you enter the release at least two weeks before the planned release date, if you want to pitch the release or set up an advance sale even earlier. For example, Spotify explicitly requires that releases be delivered at least five days before the release date to guarantee that they will be available on the desired day.

We deliver the releases daily from Monday to Friday. If a release was added before 12 noon, it will be delivered on the same day.

3.1 How can I find out the status of the delivery of my release?

The status of the delivery is visible in your account. If you click on the relevant release under “My Products”, you will find a detailed overview of the releases sent to the music stores you have selected under the menu item “Music Stores”. Apart from this, you will also receive a notification via e-mail after successful delivery to the shops.