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6.18 My request for an advance was rejected. Why?

iGroove bears the full economic risk for advances. That means if an advance is not recovered, the artist is not liable with his or her private assets. Accordingly, we check every application for an advance on economic aspects and calculate if the advance can be recouped within a reasonable period or not. These are usually the reasons for a rejection.


6.17 How long do you need access to my Spotify 4 Artist account?

We only need the access until the offer is prepared. As soon as you have received the offer from us, you can deactivate the access to your account for us. Important: We have read-only access, so we cannot make any changes to your account or publish anything through your channels.

6.16 Why do you need read-only access to my Spotify 4 Artist account?

The read-only access to your Spotify 4 Artist account simplifies the process of advance calculation for us, as numbers from the account (e.g. monthly listeners, followers) do not have to be transferred manually. Therefore, we can calculate your offer much faster and you will get your money paid out much faster.

6.15 Am I liable for the advance with my private assets?

No, you’re not liable with your personal assets for the advance. The advances always refer only to the contractually agreed releases and do not have to be recouped with other releases either.


6.14 How exactly will my advance be recouped?

The advance is always repaid only with those releases that are part of the contract. These can be old, existing releases, or new, unpublished releases. The repayment itself takes place automatically on a monthly basis. As soon as you have received the income from the corresponding releases on your account, it will be checked if there is still an open advance for these releases. If so, the amount will be deducted according to your advance account. If the advance is fully recouped, the income will remain on your account and you can withdraw it as usual.

6.13 What happens if my advance has been paid back in full?

As soon as your advance account is balanced, you can have your income paid out again as normal. You will receive a monthly credit to your account and you can have your funds transferred to your bank account or PayPal account at any time. The contract will continue to run until the term you have chosen is reached and will be extended for another 6 months if it is not cancelled. Once the contract expires, you can request a new advance for the contract releases.

6.12 What happens if I cannot repay my advance in full?

The advance must be repaid with the releases that are part of the contract, only. So, you are never personally liable for the advance payment (as long as you have delivered all releases defined in the contract on time, of course).  If an advance payment has not been recouped after the end of the contract period you have chosen, the contract is automatically extended for another six months until the amount has been fully recouped.

6.11 How soon do I have to pay back the advance?

Your advance will be automatically recouped in your account with the current revenue of the corresponding release until the advanced amount is repaid. You can basically determine the term of the advance.

6.10 Do I have to use the advance for a specific music project?

The purpose of the advance is basically free to you. Since we are also interested in the success of your music, of course we would be happy to see the money invested in it.

6.9 How quickly and how is my advance paid out?

Usually advances are transferred to your bank account within 2-3 working days after signing the contract.

6.8 How do you calculate the amount of the advance?

Various factors influence this. Such as your previous successes, sales/streaming and your reach. With the help of artificial intelligence, the amount and probability of future income is determined. We don’t try to calculate the emotional value or a “hit factor» but rely exclusively on the facts and figures of your last release.

6.7 What is the amount of the advance depending on?

Various factors influence the amount of the advance. Such as your previous successes, sales/streamings, your reach and of course the scope of an upcoming project. Since the goal of the advance is to make sure that the money is recouped through the revenues of the respective releases within a certain period, the commercial potential of you and the release plays a central role. iGroove pays out amounts starting at CHF/EUR 1’000.