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Streaming Promotion

This powerful streaming promotion package helps you to generate numerous real streams on Spotify.

How does the streaming promotion work?

Through a newsletter promotion, our partner sends your song to a large number of music consumers within your target group. This not only generates additional streams, but also increases the number of listeners per month, which affects the algorithms of the streaming services and can give you an additional boost.

Thanks to our partners, who have been working with private playlist curators for a long time, we try to place your music in different playlists. Important: There is no guarantee that your music will be included in playlists. In addition, this service should not be confused with our «Playlist Pitching» service. Playlist pitching” aims at the official playlists of the streaming providers, whereas here privately curated playlists are targeted.

Which streaming services are promoted?

The streams are generated exclusively on Spotify.

What do I need to know?

  • We can only accept a few packages per week. We are very anxious to deliver good results and therefore have to limit the service.
  • We need 10 days lead time from booking to the start of your campaign.
  • Only one song per campaign can be advertised. For albums or EPs a song must be selected.
  • For a campaign with 50’000 streams it takes about 8-12 weeks until the desired number of streams is reached.
  • The music must be available on streaming services at the start of the campaign, and worldwide.
  • This service is particularly suitable for music in English, as the newsletters are sent worldwide and cannot be localized (a large part of the streams are generated in the USA).
  • You will find a report as soon as the campaign starts in your iGroove account (go to My Products -> Overview -> select the appropriate release -> click on the Promo Report tab)

Your advantages

  • Boost the number of streams on Spotify
  • Get an extra boost thanks to more monthly listeners
  • Positive effect on algorithms
  • Real streams and no streaming bots


Prices excl. VAT

25.000 Streams

EUR 319

50.000 Streams

EUR 429