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You are a musician and want to know what your old releases are worth?

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Real numbers - real money!

iGroove has developed the world’s first calculator that uses artificial intelligence to analyze your old releases and calculate their future revenues. Get a head start on your next contract negotiations or transfer your releases to iGroove and get an advance payment.

✓ Detailed offer in 24 hours
✓ Free choice of conditions
✓ Direct payout possible

This is how it works

This is how it works

Find out now how much your old releases are worth.

Fill out the form and receive your individual offer.

Why iGroove?

Why iGroove?

Jiggo over 35 million streams on Spotify

"Together with iGroove, we built everything and they have always been behind my decisions. They're my extended team and they took it to the next level."

C ARMA 1 million listeners on Spotify

"I've been working with iGroove from the beginning and they're always there when I need them. They've supported me in every aspect of my musical career."

PAYY over 17 million views on YouTube

"With iGroove I celebrated my first big successes. The guys always believed in me and trusted me. The work they do deserves the utmost respect!"

Fousy Rapper/Songwriter

"Working with iGroove is very straightforward and easy. I can recommend iGroove to any artist who wants to stay independent and values fairness and transparency.

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